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SJ410 pickup

What is Project SJK?

Project SJK is a list of 100+ Suzuki Samurai pickup trucks from around the globe (27 countries). 

This site is dedicated to all of you Suzuki Jeep lovers in general and K series addicted in specific. This is the new home for all K series pickups that still out there.

Enjoy these rare trucks, spread the word and add your pickup.

Project SJK SJ410k


K series is a general name to all of the Suzuki Jeep pickup generations:

LJ81 \ SJ410k \ SJ413k \ Sirerra ute \ Samurai pickup.

These pickup versions of the SJ series are very rare, if you google ‘SJ410k’ you’ll find only few projects of restored pickups. The LJ81, stands for Light Jeep,(the older version of the SJ410k) is even harder to find.

In every Suzuki forum or article related to the K series you’ll find someone who mentioned how rare and unique this little trucks. There is something about these little pickups who designed in the structure of a heavy duty truck that makes people love them. 

The K series can be found under these names as well: 

Stockman, Samurai pickup, Sierra ute, Santana, Jimny, Holden Drover, Caribian, MG410, SJ51T , Suzuki KJA, SJ40T, Farmworker


SJ410 front measurements
SJ410k side measurements
SJ413k rear measurements


(Light Jeep)


4 cyl, 797cc, 41hp

4 speed manual

105km\h 65mph

SJ410K \ SJ40T

(Suzuki Jeep)


4 cyl, 970cc, 45hp

4 speed manual

110km\h 68mph


(Suzuki Jeep)


4 cyl, 1324cc, 64hp

5 speed manual

130km\h 81mph

restoration time-lapse video

The story of an SJ410k restoration project. From a rusty truck to a beautiful stock pickup. This timelapse video shows the last year of assembling an SJ410 pickup, captured in 7,457 photos.


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